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Colegio de San Pedro–Recoletos Hails New King and Queen

Grade-10 representatives, Kyle Xerex Oro and Maria Johyza Fick, were crowned as Mr. and Ms. CSP-R on November 24, 2022.

This year, Grade 11 student, Ben Barioga, and Grade 9 student, Shakira Beltran, were the first runners-up while Grade 8 student, Sean Jirah Escalona, and Grade 12 student, Eunice Rebamuntan, were second runner-up.

Five pairs of representatives competed for this year’s crowns. Contestants began preparing for the competition through a series of practices, rehearsals, and photoshoots. They also crafted their own advocacies that they promoted in the course of the pageant. These personal goals prove that Petrinians do not only focus on outside beauty, but also promote meaningful purposes.

During the pageant, contestants competed in an on-stage introduction, sports wear, school uniform, talent, evening gown, and interview portion. They went under the scrutiny of not only a panel of judges but also a crowd of supportive Petrinians. The event ended with loud cheers coming from the students who celebrated with the winners of the competition.

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