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Vuela San Pedro! Soar High Recoletos!

de San Pedro—Recoletos (CSP-R)

Your Basic Education starts here. At CSP-R, students are formed holistically—mind, body, and soul—equipped with Augustinian Recollect education.

Established in 1963, it is a private Catholic academic institution located in Valencia, Negros Oriental.

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It was more providential that the town of Valencia, Negros Oriental became a mission center under the unselfish dedication of the Augustinian Recollect missionaries. The year 1904 saw the opening of the parochial school originally meant for children. The daring investment of time and talent of the Augustinian Recollect Fathers in Christian education soon earned the trust of the populace. The then Mayor and Parish Pastoral Council President, Rodolfo Gonzales, Sr., represented the Valencianons in their appeal to the higher authorities of the Order of Augustinian Recollects that a Catholic institution be established in their town. It was on August 3, 1963 that San Pedro Academy was given permit by the Bureau of Education to operate a Secondary Education Curriculum through the initiative of its first Director, Rev. Fr. Pedro Ko, OAR. On her first year of operation, only the First and Second Year Curricula were offered, with only one hundred seventeen students supervised by the pioneering educators, namely, Mr. Narciso F. Samson, Mrs. Herania G. Samson, Ms. Rosario D. Desiar, and Mr. Alberto Hofileña. A year after, the Third Year Curriculum started. Enrolment increased to one hundred fifty students. Complete secondary course was in full swing during the school year 1965-1966, with two hundred-four enrollees. In 1968-1969, San Pedro Academy opened a secondary evening school and offered college courses like Liberal Arts, Collegiate Secretarial Course, and Commerce. However, the collegiate level did not last long because of the continuous increase of the number of secondary school students. In 1987-1988, the management of the school was turned over to the Congregation of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters until the end of the school year 1999-2000.

After the administration of the Augustinian Recollect Sisters, the OAR Fathers took over the administration the school. When Rev. Fr. Reynaldo E. Jaranilla, OAR became the Director, he renovated the school to address the posing danger of the dilapidated building and incorporates in the curriculum the technological advancement of information technology. During the time of Rev. Fr. Ronel P. Gealon, OAR, through the approval of the School Board, opened the Kindergarten School was opened which until now operates.

San Pedro Academy, as it turned 50 years in 2013, strongly carries the baton of being a dedicated school to the Valencianons and its nearby places which continues to render service of being a true Catholic Institution. It holds true and faithful to the ideals and vision of the Order under the Secretariat of Educational Apostolate through Caritas et Scientia. The school proves its relevance, effectiveness, and efficiency in imparting quality Christian Education to the people of Valencia and its different stakeholder. She continues to develop plans and value-innovative programs to cater to the growing needs of the society. Her constant collaboration with the government agencies proves her total commitment to enhance the educational excellence of SPA. She holds to instill in the students the Augustinian Recollect charism in the Educational apostolate. 

When Rev. Fr. Sixto M. Bitangjol, OAR was elected as the Directed of San Pedro Academy, the “Rambones Festival” was launched, and the Athletic Symbol was created known as “Petrinian Cockerels.” The launching of the Golden Anniversary was materialized together with the different activities of the golden anniversary. Various activities were realized to give significance as SPA celebrates its golden moments as an institution in Valencia.

From the day it was established until the present, SPA has become a humble and unspoken agent in the uplift of the quantity of life of the people, of the town, and of the parish. She has produced countless distinguished alumni who become successful in their own fields and disciplines and have proven themselves to be value-laden, God-fearing and principled members of the Church and society. 

Vuela San Pedro! Soar High Recoletos!

Vision &



We envision San Pedro Academy as a fount of Catholic Education and cradle of academic excellence in the spirit of caritas et scientia that holistically adapts to the new global arena of learning.


San Pedro Academy zealously upholds its mission to effectively innovate all programs to empower all stakeholders as servant-leaders by integrating Christian values and Recollect charism to achieve a fun-filled experience and meet the demands of the changing society.

Quality Statement &

Core Values

Quality Statement

San Pedro Academy shares the quality of Catholic community-oriented education to every student. In our pursuit of our commitment, we continue to live up the Gospel values taught to us from our patron St. Augustine and to integrate the Augustinian Recollect values and the Institution core values in the existing curriculum.


G. L. A. R. E. S.

God-centeredness – the spiritually of putting God at the center of every individual’s endeavor
Loyalty – the faithfulness in allegiance and firm adherence to promises or in observance of responsibilities
Academic Excellence – the ability to perform, achieve, and excel in scholastic pursuit
Respect – the manifestation of kindness to God’s creation
Enthusiasm – the ability to show willingness to do a given task
Servant Leadership – commitment to freely contribute talents, time and efforts for the common good

Message from the School Director


REV. FR. Vicente L. Ramon Jr., OAR

Many stories are written and told to entertain. They stir people’s imagination and emotion only to wane after the fading of laughter or the shedding of tear. Good stories inspire; they tug hearts and rouse realizations that leave on the listeners a lasting mark. The fictional character Tyrion Lannister of the TV series Game of Thrones has this to say: “There’s nothing in the world more powerful than a good story. Nothing can stop it. No enemy can defeat it.”

Sometimes we may need only one good story or two to nudge us into telling our own or into editing what needs to be corrected. Let us write good stories not to entertain but to leave a mark on other people’s lives.

San Pedro Academy has etched a mark in the stories of many of its graduates. Let us help you write yours.


Augustinian Recollect Administrators

Fray Miguel Ángel Hernández, OAR

Prior General, Order of Augustinian Recollects

Fray Dionisio Q. Selma, OAR

Prior Provincial, Province of St. Ezekiel Moreno

Fray William Emilito C. Villaflor, OAR

President, Recoletos Educational Apostolate in the Philippines (REAP)

Fray Vicente L. Ramon Jr., OAR

School Director/Principal

Fray Ramon B. Bitancor III, OAR

Fray Ramon B. Bitancor III, OAR

Assistant Principal for Identity, Formation, and Mission

Fray Mark Ryan T. Prado, OAR

Parish Priest, Our Lady of the Abandoned Parish (Valencia, Negros Oriental)

School Board Member

Mr. Ariel A. Valencia

Coordinator for Academics (SHS)

Fray Feliciano Campomanes Jr., OAR

Assistant Principal for Finance

Ms. Bessie D. Maquirang

Coordinator for Academics (JHS)

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