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Christmas Spirit Engulfs the CSPR Corners

DECEMBER 17, 2022—with the lengthy pause of students from experiencing an authentic school setting, a lot of activities have been on hiatus for the past couple of years. This December is a new experience for Petrinians, since the pandemic, as CSPR celebrates the yuletide season.  

As the school wanted to feel the spirit of Christmas amid the challenging events that occurred in the past months, everyone felt the spirit of togetherness in the Christmas Party, organized by the ARCS officers. The day was filled with fun games and contests such as a caroling and Christmas dance competition. Representatives from all year levels gave their best with the aim of spreading happiness this holiday season. At the end of the event, a contest for the best classroom design was also held, and winners were declared for all activities.

The winners were happy that their efforts for weeks paid off, but the rest of the contestants did not end up with nothing because everyone was awarded with prizes. The celebration did not end after the competition because the students gathered in their respective classrooms for the after party. The day was filled with great joy as the parlor games, intermission numbers, and a sumptuous meal followed.

This event showed that our Christmas today may be different, but nothing can keep you from celebrating the birth of Christ.

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